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We're Back! After a bit of a break and some updated resources, welcome to our new and improved Sauce Blog. This page is to provide insight into the Sauce business and tell you about the things that are important to us, from an inside look at life in Bozeman, MT to how we make our zesty apparel. Click the links below for categories relevant to your interests or scroll to see our whole library of saucy content!

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  • Goal Setters

      Welcome back to the Sauce Blog’s short feature series on elite nordic ski teams! Our last blog, Life Lessons Learned on Skis, featured BSF Pro team member and graduate...

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  • Life Lessons Learned on Skis

      Sauce creates custom headwear for many different sports teams and events across North America with a significant amount being elite nordic ski teams. These top level athletes have been...

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  • No Excuses!

    Written by Taryn Y. – new addition to the Sauce team!   No Excuses! Hello winter! We are now smack in the middle of November, which is technically still fall...

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  • Sauce-tastic Halloween Costumes

    Anyone from a cold climate such as Bozeman has been there – you pick out the perfect Halloween costume and you’re completely in character, all the way down to the...

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  • Fun Run!

    This is one of my favorite run workouts. It incorporates several components to keep things exciting. Plus, when you know what’s coming you can push yourself harder! Do all the...

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  • Reduce Injuries With This Post Run Stretch

    Running is a great way to get in shape, reduce stress, and stay healthy, but don't forget to take care of your muscles afterwards lest you push it too hard and...

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  • Hot Head

    By Katie Thomas Is it true that we lose most of our body heat through our heads? Depends whom you ask. That doesn’t seem to be a question easily answered...

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  • Post-Workout Recovery

    By Katie Thomas The Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines recovery as “the action of returning to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.” For anyone who exercises regularly,...

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  • What's In A Name?

      One thing that customers and fans of the Sauce brand all want to know is: why “Sauce”? This is a brand for outdoor apparel, not a restaurant! So why...

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  • 5 Helpful Tips for Designing a Hat (That You Can Incorporate Into Your Special Sauce Contest Entry!)

      Just like writer’s block, artist’s block is also a very real and very irritating thing. As you sit and stare at the blank page in front of you, sometimes...

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  • Post Exercise Recovery Nutrition

    The weather is beautiful and it is time to get outside and train strong and smart for all of your upcoming endurance events. Whatever your endurance event may be, it...

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  • Our Partnership with Sarah Angst Art in Bozeman, Montana

    Sauce joins Sarah Angst Art! Two creative, Canadian, entrepreneurs team up to offer beautiful functional hats and headbands to keep you warm this winter and beyond. Sarah Angst grew up...

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  • Our Saucy Sewing Team

    #WhoMadeMyClothesDo you ever wonder who made your clothes? Most companies wouldn’t be able to provide you with an easy answer to that question, but we can! The Sauce on your...

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  • The Sauce Splat!

    Welcome to Behind the Seams.   Although domestically produced goods are making a comeback, the days where everyone knew how to sew are long gone.  For most people, the steps that go...

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  • Leg Days: 3 Must-Do Exercises for your Lower Body

    Printable PDF of the workout Exercise #1: This is a great exercise to work on improving balance on the trail as well as strengthening ALL the muscles in your legs and...

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