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5 Helpful Tips for Designing a Hat (That You Can Incorporate Into Your Special Sauce Contest Entry!)

October 15 2021 – Sauce Info


Just like writer’s block, artist’s block is also a very real and very irritating thing. As you sit and stare at the blank page in front of you, sometimes you need a little bit of help in coming up with a design that knocks the socks off the viewer. Or wins a this case, both would be good! 

We realize that the deadline for the Special Sauce Design Contest is only two days away, however that could make this the best time to suggest some tips on designing your hat! If you are aching to enter the contest but have no idea where to start, here are some good ways to get the creative juices flowing. 


One thing to keep in mind is that our hats go all the way around your head, and will carry the design with it. Picking a theme for your design that goes with the design of the actual hat will ensure that your gorgeous artwork can be appreciated from every angle! A pattern that repeats itself is also a fraction of the work since we are down to the wire for time.


Embrace Individuality

Be unique! Crack open your creativity to design something that will stick out from the crowd and draw attention. This is Sauce after all - so the saucier the better! Think flavorful, colorful, zesty. You want voters to oooh and aaah at your design. Pick something that speaks to your personality; odds are that it will speak to others as well. 

Find Something That Inspires Your Creative Side

Inspiration sometimes comes from the unlikeliest of places. Take a person, place, theme, or even your favorite movie to spark your artwork and develop your design from there. Play around with it and find a way to take everyday objects or events and turn it into a fabulous work of wearable art.

Create a Spin on an Existing Artwork

Feel free to borrow or modify styles from other artists and make them your own! For example, our collaboration with Sarah Angst Art, who takes inspiration from nature, has created several very popular hats. Study her fun and colorful designs and tweak them to fit your favorite colors, styles, or activities. Create a collage of images found in magazines, trace a cool design from a book, find some cool stickers, and/or take something interesting from another artwork and add your own flair. (Just be sure not to copy a design exactly - as mentioned above, embrace your individuality!) 



The Power of a Color Scheme

Do you have a favorite coat and would love a hat to match? Use the color scheme and create a new pattern that would go flawlessly. Look at other color schemes and see what works and what doesn’t. Then pick your favorite and start doodling - you don’t have to be an award-winning artist for this competition. Find a good color scheme and come up with an abstract design, just make sure it’s fun and interesting to look at.