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Our Saucy Sewing Team

August 01 2018 – Sauce Team


Do you ever wonder who made your clothes? Most companies wouldn’t be able to provide you with an easy answer to that question, but we can! The Sauce on your head (or body) was made by Laura, Linda or Karen! These three lovely women have been the driving force behind our Bozeman production for the past several years and have made the 25,000 + pieces that leave through our doors annually.

When I walk through the door of our Sauce office in the mornings I am typically greeted by laughter and a sassy comment or two. These women always seem to be having fun and really are a pleasure to work with.   I’m excited to give you a little glimpse behind the seams and introduce you to our Saucy Sewing Team.

Laura remembers making doll clothes with her Mom as a young child. A love of sewing was born and hasn’t gone away. In college she started doing alterations for others in her women’s fraternity and after moving to Bozeman got into production sewing at a large local manufacturer. When things changed for Laura, we were lucky enough to have her answer an ad on Craigslist and the rest is history. Laura loves sewing because everything can be customized. As a tall woman (6’1”) you can understand why customizing clothing would be very handy! Her main peeve when it comes to sewing is that she feels like most machines and tables are fit for short women.   Laura’s favorite Sauce product to make is our Chill Toque. Her least favorite sewing machine to work on is our Flat Seamer (used for our pants). A fun fact about Laura – she loves jazzercise & belly dancing!

Linda has worked in production sewing on and off since 1988. She has always liked the work and we were lucky enough to bring her on at Laura’s recommendation. Linda is a sassy comedian whose infectious laughter brings smiles to our faces. She is fabulous at making most of our products but really is our resident Swift Headband expert. She even wears one on occasion while sewing. A fun fact about Linda is that she loves Christmas music and has a goofy hat collection.

Karen has been part of our team for a while now but has only recently joined us full time and we are thrilled to have her! Karen remembers sewing clothes by hand as a teenager, and cross-stitching with her mom. She has worked several sewing jobs over the years including alterations, repairs and production sewing at a few places. Her favorite thing to sew is costumes and loves that sewing provides her with a creative outlet. Her least favorite thing about sewing is the repetition, so she’s happy to work somewhere where she’s sewing many products in a great variety of colors & patterns. Her favorite Sauce product to make is our SANS band, her favorite machine to work on is our serger. And finally a fun fact – she Loves all-things nerdy. Star trek, Star wars, DC, Marvel... you get the idea.



And now you know who made your clothes!