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We're Back! After a bit of a break and some updated resources, welcome to our new and improved Sauce Blog. This page is to provide insight into the Sauce business and tell you about the things that are important to us, from an inside look at life in Bozeman, MT to how we make our zesty apparel. Click the links below for categories relevant to your interests or scroll to see our whole library of saucy content!

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  • Saucy Sublimation

      This past winter season has been one for the books in both demand for products and difficulty in delivering those products (thanks, COVID!). However, our small team has persevered...

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  • What's In A Name?

      One thing that customers and fans of the Sauce brand all want to know is: why “Sauce”? This is a brand for outdoor apparel, not a restaurant! So why...

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  • Our Saucy Sewing Team

    #WhoMadeMyClothesDo you ever wonder who made your clothes? Most companies wouldn’t be able to provide you with an easy answer to that question, but we can! The Sauce on your...

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  • The Sauce Splat!

    Welcome to Behind the Seams.   Although domestically produced goods are making a comeback, the days where everyone knew how to sew are long gone.  For most people, the steps that go...

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