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Sauce-tastic Halloween Costumes

October 25 2021 – Sauce Info

Anyone from a cold climate such as Bozeman has been there – you pick out the perfect Halloween costume and you’re completely in character, all the way down to the last stray hair or vampire fang. But wait! Your costume only includes a thin silk shirt and cape, or maybe a short dress and tights, and it’s 35°F (1.6°C) and snowing. Whether you’re going to some rad parties, taking your kids trick or treating, or in search of the ultimate candy bar yourself, you’re gonna be a bit chilly!

We’ve seen all sorts of solutions to this problem, including styling your costume to incorporate your huge winter coat, but when wearing a scary mask, witch hat, pirate hat, etc., what do you do about your noggin? None of these Halloween headwear options are very warm - your ears will turn into ice cubes.

Fear not (pun intended)! Many Sauce headwear products were designed to fit under helmets, and therefore should fit under Halloween headwear too! Or if your hair is done up in the perfect fairy bun, there are endless possibilities to incorporate a fairy junction Swift Headband to keep your ears warm without detracting from your fabulous updo. Or the lace pattern for an angel costume, the black for a ninja or a pirate, etc.! No matter what your costume might be, we probably have a color to match it!

There are also great ways to incorporate a warm hat into your costume. Some of our past customers ordered a bunch of white hats and used fabric markers to make them into something totally different. You could also opt for something obvious and go as a ski racer or snowboarder, which obviously would dress toasty warm (duh). Use a black Axis Hat for a biker costume, make a Skinny Headband a flapper headpiece, turn a black Frosty into a ninja mask. You could also take a note from the fabric marker folks and alter something – a headband could be a crown! Draw on, bedazzle, glitterfy, or add a pair of ears to a hat or headband, and boom. You've got a costume. 

However you see fit, there are so many ways to incorporate a piece into your costume to keep your head nice and toasty! Please tag us in your social posts so we can see your creative interpretations of our products! And if you feel so inclined, go get yourself a Swift Toque or Swift Headband for 15% off with this coupon code: HALLOWEEN15

Happy Halloween!


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