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You can visit our headwear size guide to learn more.

We know we have a lot of product choices and it can be hard to sort it all out on the website.

Recently, we created a comparison chart that lists all the main features of each product on our website in chart form. Visit the comparison page >>

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Right around the time COVID started we experienced the perfect storm of circumstances, affecting our production processes, that made it impractical/impossible to focus on anything other than hats. At this time, we've determined that focusing on our headwear line is the best course of action for our business. However, we do hope to offer occasional limited production runs of certain apparel items. Join our email newsletter to hear about these things!

Yes! Contact us with the details of your request and we can send a replacement. We also hope your dog is ok and didn't swallow too much yarn! ❤️

We have a handy step-by-step instructional page that will walk you through the process.

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Recently, we made the difficult decision to discontinue our signature flower tassel. We love the touch of summer that it brings to the winter season, but we've had a difficult time sourcing the perfect bloom in a quantity and color that makes sense.

Are you crafty? You can make your own! Check out this instructional post >>

We suggest machine washing your hats and headbands in cold water and hanging them to dry. And, keep in mind, that it's best to wait until they really need it.

We also suggest removing your tassel or pompom if you want them to keep looking pristine. The toppers will probably survive a few trips through a washing machine, but it does change the way they look.

Instructions on how to remove/reattach the toppers can be found here >>

The soft-touch moisture wicking fabric that we use for all of our products featuring colorful sublimated designs is 87% polyester and 13% spandex.

The Polartec Power Grid lining that we use in Ventilator Heabands and Throat Coats is made from 92% polyester 8 % spandex

The Polartec Power Stretch Fleece lining that we use in our Chill Toque, Fleece N' Swift, Holy Fleece and Insulator Headband is made from 53% polyester, 38% nylon and 9% spandex.


In most cases, the answer is yes! Unfortunately, there may be instances where we won't be able to help. The answer depends on the age of the item, how the fabric was printed and whose art was used on the hat. Visit our special order inquiry page for more information.

Special Order Inquiry Form

In most cases, the answer is yes! Unfortunately, there will be some instances where we won't be able to help. If that is the case, we will suggest some alternatives. Visit our special order inquiry page for more information.

Special Order Inquiry Form

The answer is yes!

ALSO - please note that due to customer demand, we have also added a L/XL size as a standard option in our most popular hat products (Swift Toque, Chill Toque, Fleece N' Swift). As this is a new option for us, we have decided to start with limited color options.

If your need is not met by the new size option, please visit our special order inquiry page for more information.

Special Order Inquiry Form

The answer is an irritating, maybe. We do have plans to reintroduce some of our retired products in limited runs depending on how well we are able to keep up with customer demand for our best selling products.

If you have a special request or comment, feel free to contact us


When we say 'Made In Bozeman', we actually mean it! We start with rolls of white fabric and end with tagged hats. It all happens under one roof and our small, skilled team does it all.

We are also lucky enough to source the vast majority of our raw materials from domestic vendors. We have found there is tremendous strength in the flexibility that this model offers. We can pivot on a dime, scale up or down with ease and make 1 hat or 1,000 - that's the secret behind the Sauce ;)

We do get sweaty sometimes! But only because we don't have A/C and like to have our big door open in the summer. It's a short season and we relish the heat when we can get it!

Production sewing is repetitive and there's just no way around it, but at least we have lots of different colors and products to break up the monotony. We aim for a relaxed efficiency and mainly have a really nice time. Production staff set their own preferred start and finish time. We listen to podcasts, music and audio books and there's lots of laughter.

Sewing apparel is labor intensive and you can feel good about the treatment of the important, intelligent and interesting people who made your Sauce.

Whoops! So sorry about that! Just contact us and explain what you've noticed. We'll arrange an exchange or repair.

We don't have an actual retail space at this time. However, we DO welcome shoppers into our Bozeman factory. It is the best place to see all of our products in person.

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The short answer is that our website can only charge credit cards in US Dollars. Your credit card charge will show up on your statement as that day's CAD vs. USD exchange rate.

We have added some functionality to the bottom left corner of our website that allows you to preview an approximate Canadian Dollar amount for your order. Unfortunately this preview feature does not always carry through to the cart page and can require refreshing or re-toggling. It also disappears at the checkout page.

Fortunately, the totals shown in the cart and checkout typically show USD or CAD next to the number. Please take note of the displayed currency to avoid surprises on your credit card statement.

Nope! We handle all of that behind the scenes. You are only responsible for the payment on our website.

Canadians can learn more about shipping on this page >>

Sauce was founded by a Canadian who moved to Bozeman, Montana for school in 2003 and never left. Though settled in beautiful Bozeman, Shayla still feels very Canadian and does everything she can to maintain her connection to the 'true north strong and free'. You can learn more about our beginnings here >>