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How to remove your traditional tassel or pompom.

1. Locate the Knot

Look inside your hat. At the top of the hat you'll see a bow or knot surrounded by eight little gathered loops.

2. Untie Strings

Untie the bow or knot at the top of the hat. Please keep in mind that in an effort to keep the topper from falling off the hat, we typically tie them quite securely.

3. Remove the Tassel/Pompom

Gently pull on the tassel or pompom from the outside of the hat. If the knot was fully untied, you should see the strings pull through the loops at the top of the hat.

How to re-attach your traditional tassel or pompom

1. Locate Holes

If you poke around the top of your hat from the outside, you'll discover eight holes that surround the center gather point. Find two holes that are opposite one another.

2. Thread Strings

Thread one attachment string from the tassel or pompom through each hole, from outside of the hat to end with the strings on the inside.

3. Secure Tassel/Pom to Hat

With medium tautness, tie the attachment strings together. Pull taut enough that the topper is tight to the top of the hat, but please note that the strings can break if pulled too tight. We usually choose a double bow.

Other Tassel FAQ's

This year we made the difficult decision to retire our signature 'Flower Tassel'.

If you are a big fan of the flower tassel please know that we still have a few kicking around and you are welcome to make a special request on your order.

OR you can make your own! An instructional blog post can be found here.