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Luckily, they are easy to make and it's simple to find the necessary parts at your local craft store or online.

Below you'll find a shopping list and step by step instructions that you can follow to make your very own Flower tassel!

Shopping list

1. Satin Cord

You will need 16" of Satin Rattail cord for each flower tassel. We like the nylon option and the 2mm size. This is sold in rolls or smaller yard cuts at craft stores and online.

2. Flowers

Visit your local craft shop and look for artificial flowers styles that are made from one piece with a single hole in the center. You'll need to pick the blooms off the stems.

3. Flame to seal cord.

You'll need a flame to singe the ends of your rattail cord. You'll also need a heat resistant surface to smush the knot while it's hot. We like Ball canning jar lids for this, but any metal or ceramic surface would work.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Cut cord Thread Flowers

Cut a 16" length of cord. Thread two flowers onto the cord with their convex surfaces touching, and concave surfaces facing toward the end of the cord.

2. Tie end knots

Tie knots at each end of the cut cord. A small tail is best - as shown. Light your candle and get your smush surface ready.

3. Heat and smush

Hold the tail of your knot near the flame - just close enough to melt but ideally not burn. Once the end is a bit molten, smush the knot. You're aiming to seal the end of the cord and also secure your knot from untying. There is a chance of a small burn to your fingers at this step - caution!

4. Position Flowers

Push one flower to each end of the cord. The knot should hold the flower in place. If not, you'll need a dab of hot glue inside the flower

5. Secure with Knots

Position a knot at the base of the flower to hold it near the end of the cord. Repeat to other bloom.

Et Voila! You have a flower tassel!

Attach the tassel to your hat

Step 1. Push one bloom through the top of your hat from the outside toward the inside.

Step 2. Push that same bloom back toward the outside of the hat. Choose a hole that is opposite to the one you just used.

Step 3. Gently pull both blooms until they are even in length.

Step 4. Tie a knot at the top of the hat to bring both strands together. It's best if the knot is a bit loose so the tassel can easily lay flat along the hat.