Custom Sauce

Pour on the Sauce! 

Sauce provides custom headwear to teams, clubs and events all over North America. Our custom products are a striking way to get your group, brand or event noticed! Our custom options are divided into two categories; Full Custom & Basic Custom. Below you can read a little more about each option to determine which is the best for you. 

Full Custom (Sublimated design - 6-8 week turnaround - 50 piece minimum)

Full Custom – 6-8 week turnaround – 50% deposit required – 50 piece minimum

Our Full Custom program allows you to design something truly unique for your group. The first step involves selecting the Sauce product you would like us to make from your custom fabric.  As long as you meet our 50-piece minimum for each product, you can order several products to make up your total quantity.

We can create any of our tried & true, cool-weather Sauce products from custom fabric. Our most common full-custom items are: the SWIFT Toque, the CHILL Toque, the FROSTY, the VENTILATOR Headband and our Full-Custom exclusive product, the Fleece-lined SWIFT toque. To learn more about Sauce's cool-weather product line, please look at our Fall/Winter 2107+2018 catalog.

New in 2017, Sauce is also offering Full custom Spring/Summer products. Best sellers from our spring product line include our PEPPER legwear line and our lightweight, comfortable FLIGHT Visor . See our Spring/Summer 2107 catalog for more information on products for warmer weather!

Once the order is confirmed, and 50% deposit is paid, we present you with 2-3 options in digital format using your logo and initial direction. Once we reach a final design concept that you are pleased with, you can expect your original Sauce-product to be shipped in 6-8 weeks.


Basic Custom (Heat applied logo - 3 week turn around - low minimums)

Basic Custom – 3-week turnaround – 50% deposit required – No minimum

Our Basic Custom program adds your logo to our existing Sauce inventory using a color-fast, stretchy and durable heat transfer. There are several ways we can replicate your logo for production. The process we select depends on the amount of detail, number of colors and graphic elements found in the logo. Your price is the same regardless these details. Please note that extremely complex logos may be simplified for optimal results with our customization systems.

With this system, you may mix & match colors, patterns & products within an order. While pricing decreases with increased quantities, we can accommodate any size order.

Very small orders (<12) may have logo restrictions and require an individual quote. 

Several of our prints and patterns are designed with this program in mind. They are unisex, will allow your logo to stand out on the product and are available year after year.

Check out our Fall/Winter 2017 + 2018 to see our in-stock product offerings. Please note that other options may be available to you upon inquiry. If there is another color or pattern that you have in mind, please let us know and we will suggest options that may meet your needs.

Once the order is confirmed and the deposit is paid, we will provide a digital proof for your approval. We will ship your order 3 weeks later.


Artwork Modification/Creation Charges

Artwork Modification/Creation Charges

We strive to make our custom program budget friendly and as easy as possible for our customers. For that reason, we generally make subtle logo changes or add certain text to your existing logo at no charge when the original is in an ideal format. If we cannot work with the current format of the logo you have, you will be charged an art fee, billed out at $60/hour. Many logos can be made within an hour, but some complex logos may take up to 3 hours. Once we have seen your logo, we will let you know if any additional art time will be required.

File Formats 101

File Formats 101

To ensure the highest quality finished product we require a vector format logo. However, in some cases it is possible for us to work with other formats. Vector formats are denoted by files ending in; .eps (Encapsulated Post Script), .ai (Adobe Illustrator), and in some cases, .PDF (Portable Format Document). If you only have a logo in .png, .jpg, .gif, or .tiff, please send us the version that is the highest resolution. Resolution is related to file size, so the larger the number of bytes, the more likely the file is to be high resolution. Even files under 5-600 kb, may not be high enough resolution. To see the size of the image you can try right-clicking on your file and selecting ‘get info’

This is an example of a poor resolution logo

This is an example of a higher resolution logo

Need a Logo?

Need a Logo?

If you do not have a logo, we can work with you to create one. Design time will be billed at $60/hour. You will be provided with a vector logo for future use.

Step-by-Step Process

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Use our online form to submit an inquiry. Please include information in all the mandatory fields, and send a logo if you have one.
  2. We will send you pricing information and answer any other questions that you may have. We will also review your logo and inform you of any art modification work that may be required. You will be provided with all the information you will need to place the order.
  3. Once your order has been submitted and received, Sauce will send you and official order confirmation and deposit invoice. A 50% deposit is required on ALL custom orders. Ship date is contingent on timely deposit. If the deposit payment is delayed, your ship date will also be delayed. Your credit card information will be encrypted and stored in our system. It will be billed for the final balance when the product is ready to ship.
  4. Once your deposit payment has been received, we will provide you with a digital proof for your order. When you are pleased with the proof and are ready to approve the order, your job is complete! We will take it from here!
Firm deadline? Be sure you tell us!
Custom Order Shipping Costs for Canadian Customers

Custom Order Shipping Costs for Canadian Customers

In order to provide our Canadian customers with an excellent Sauce experience, we consolidate Canadian orders and ship them together to our freight forwarder in Canmore,  Alberta.  Your order will be delivered hassle-free by Canada post, or Fedex.  Shipping and applicable taxes will be included on your invoice from Sauce.

What will it cost?

  • Orders $ < 500 = approx. 8-9% of order total
  • Orders $ 501 – 1000 = approx. 7% of order total
  • Orders $ 1000 – 1500 = approx. 6% of order total
  • Orders $ 1500 – and up = 5% of order total or less




The main factor that limits your options is time. If you have at least 8 weeks until your product is required, you can consider FC. If you need it sooner, BC is you only option. Three weeks is standard, but rush orders can be accommodated for a rush fee. The other thing to consider is whether or not you want a variety of products in your order. If you want to mix and match products, prints and colors BC is the one! If you want an identical look for everyone in your group, you can consider both options. Finally, your budget and quantity may limit your options.


We use products that have been rated to 50 wash cycles (the industry standard). That means that the decoration should last for 50 or more wash cycles without fading, cracking or peeling. We believe that this rating is more than sufficient for headwear products.


We want all of our customers to be satisfied with the finished product. If you are unhappy with the result for any reason, please get in touch with us and we will find a solution.


We mean that if some members of your group like headbands, while others prefer hats, you can order 10 of each and keep everyone happy. Or, if the girls want floral patterns, and the one man in your group likes blue, you can order 24 floral print hats and 1 blue one just for him.

Any other questions? Please include them in your inquiry or feel free to give us a call 855-830-5111.