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The Hassle with Tassels

The SAUCE signature toppers are beloved by some, and loathed by others ;).  On all applicable styles, we offer a Traditional Tassel, A Pompom (1.75" diameter) or the hat can be left plain.  Our hats are sewn without any tassels or pompoms, instead the toppers are added as requested when we pack up orders.  The good news; they can easily be removed from, or added to, the top of the hat by tying or untying a knot.  There is no change to the cost of the hat to add or omit tassels.  
If you're looking for guidance, unfortunately, we don't have much.  Customer preference is all over the place.  Some people love traditional tassels, some won't wear a hat without a pompom, while others can't stand anything on top.  We love offering the option of these toppers to our customers, but admittedly they also complicate things a bit - especially when we try to use this B2B platform.  To the best of our knowledge, this non-SKU affecting customization cannot be accommodated by this software.  When you place your order, we will default to no tassels on anything unless you make a note at check out.   If you want to try a few tassels/pompoms, you sure can!  But, you may be wondering how to make the note... ?!? 
Here are some examples of ways to provide us with tassel instructions:
    • Add pompoms to approximately 25% of applicable styles
    • Add traditional tassels to 1/3 of the Swift Toques. 
    • Assort none, tassels and pompoms per Sauce recommendation (results in approximately 50% None, 25% Pompoms, 25% Tassels)
    • Add pompoms to all Tectonic, En Pointe and Electrified patterns. 
Again, if you don't want tassels or pompoms on anything, no note is required.