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Anna is a nordic skiing athlete who also has a passion for photography. She is a member of the U23 Canadian National Biathlon Team and other favorite activities of hers include cross country skiing, backcountry skiing, and running and mountain biking in the summer. Inspiration for Anna's photography comes from her passion for her sport and from her many travels. She often incorporates a pop of color or a person off in the distance, exploring the space. 

"I love landscape photography with an element of adventure lifestyle." 

See Anna’s work on Instagram @anna4036 and visit her website at


More of an outdoorswoman than a competitive athlete, Aimy gets outside and loves enduro dirt biking in the summer and snowboarding and snowmobiling during the winter. Much like our other artists, Aimy finds her inspiration through the many places she's adventured through. 

"I spend a lot of my time in the Canadian back country and I am always entranced by its beauty and exhilarated by my experiences in the various regions, which in turn inspires me to create. Much of my work has a surreal nature to it. It is not meant to be an exact replica of a place but rather intended to evoke a familiar memory and a feeling of being there."

See more of Aimy's work on Instagram @auroraskyarts and visit her website at


Cal is a printmaker with deep roots in North Central Washington. Her artwork explores her connection to wilderness, climate change, and the complex ecological stories that occur underfoot, overhead, and out of sight. She draws her inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her while backcountry skiing, mountaineering, alpine climbing, and ultra-running. Using woodcuts and collages, she composes multi-media, multi-layered pieces illuminating narratives about environmental history and current environmental issues. Cal is currently an instructor for a college conservation studies program in Chile.

"I get my artistic inspiration from interacting with rivers, glaciers, rocks, and critters. Sometimes I create a print to capture the beauty of an experience. Much of my artwork stems from thinking about ecology, climate change, favorite landscapes, or collaborations with other researchers and ecologists on illustrations."

Visit or Instagram @cwaichler to learn more and to see more of her creative expression.


Farli grew up in Sandpoint, ID and is a full time architecture student at Montana State University in Bozeman. Telemark competition and alpine skiing are Farli's sports of choice in the winter, and in the summer, Farli spends her time mountain biking and learning how to white-water kayak. As such an active person, inspiration for Farli's artwork comes from the vast number of places she's been while participating in any of her many sports.

"I like to make my artwork as accurate as I can but still have my own creative style."

You can see more of Farli's work on Instagram @farli.b_10 as well as find her ski team profile at