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Thank you Sauce Fans! We were overwhelmed by your voting enthusiasm and really appreciate your input.   The votes have been tallied and there were two designs that were very close at the end.  We have decided to name two winners in this year's contest - Entry 18 & Entry 6!  Congratulations to Kendra and Dawn & Karin (Entry 18 was a joint effort).

Proud to Announce our Winners:
Bouquet & Ridgeline


We reached out to our winners for a little backstory on their design and to find out which organization they want their hat to benefit.

Dawn & Karin's 'Bouquet':

Sauce: Did you have any special inspiration or reason behind your design concepts?

Karin and I have been entering the contest for years as we both enjoy sitting down one afternoon and creating a whole bunch of hats.   We typically like to think of a hat that can be worn with lots of colours…..   WE both love skiing and love our sauce hats!!!

Sauce: Which charity would you like sales from your hat to benefit?

We would like proceeds from our hat to benefit the NEO Kids Foundation.  Based in Sudbury, Ontario the NEO Kids & Family Program provides care for families and children through a continuum of services–inpatient care, outpatient services, and care in the home and community.

Sauce: Happy to have you back for this year's contest!  Thanks for your continued participation and for sending us another great entry!

Kendra's 'Ridgeline':

Sauce: Did you have any special inspiration or reason behind your design concepts?

I'm a landscape architect and do some freelance graphic design on the side.  This let me combine my love of the outdoors and my creative side.  I'm kind of obsessed with mountains, perhaps it's because I grew up in flat-land Indiana.  There's a peace you can find while on the trails and/or backpacking through them.  The mountains are beautiful and exploring them has been challenging and fun.  I went to Glacier for the first time this year, and I was in awe.  I thought our local mountains were awesome, but those blew my mind.  Hopefully this hat will let fellow explorers show off their love of their own special mountains.  Also, I haven't seen a hat with mountains in this style on it and have been wanting one made.  When I finished the design it kind of resembled a crown of mountains to me, like "I'm king/queen of the mountains!"  Cheesy, I know, but that's my creative side for you.  

    Sauce: Which charity would you like sales from your hat to benefit?

    I would like the proceeds from my hat to go to the Bozeman School District homeless assistance fund for the "McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act".  I was just reading an article about the homeless youth in our town and I had no idea the extent of it.  My parents were both teachers so education is important to me.  Kids shouldn't have to worry about their next meal or a roof over their heads while STILL trying to learn.   

    Sauce:  Thank you Kendra!  Can't wait to see this design in hat form.  We also love that it works for men and women. 


    Ridgeline & Bouquet will be available for purchase in early December.  



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