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Special Sauce Contest Info

Winter Burst is available in our Tried & True Chill Toque. 


This year's winners Dawn and Karin have a pretty impressive track record with the Special Sauce Design Contest. Individually or as a joint effort they have put forward 4 winning designs over the past 7 years. They said they just love participating and really enjoy seeing friends, family and strangers sporting their colorful and bold designs.

This year they have decided to have proceeds from their hat go to their local hospice Maison McCulloch Hospice in Sudbury, ON.

Thanks for another great design you two!



Special Sauce

Announcing the 9th Annual 

Special Sauce Design Contest Winner



The votes are in! 

Thank you to Glenda, for submitting her design, "Starry Night"! 

Sauce: Thank you so much for submitting your design! Do you happen to have an artistic background? What was the inspiration for your design? 

I do have an art background, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Murray State University in Kentucky, a Masters in Secondary Education and I taught secondary school art for 34 years in Kentucky. My inspiration for the hat was a collage I had previously made using a photograph I took on a trip out west as the subject matter. One more inspiration for the design would be a small one from Van Gogh's starry night - my favorite painting- just wanted the top to be the night sky and there to be movement in the sky like in Starry Night. 

Sauce: Which charity would you like your design to support? 

I would love to donate the proceeds to the art department of the school where my daughter teaches.  She is the art teacher and they operate on a whisper thin budget and by selling chocolate candy bars.  The school's name is Ballard Memorial High School, located in LaCenter, Kentucky.

Sauce: Thank you Glenda! We are so excited to create a beautiful hat and support the art program at your daughter's school! 

I love the sauce hats and really enjoyed participating in your contest. The prize I am most excited about is seeing my design made into a Sauce hat!  

Thank you for this opportunity.  I had such fun completing my entry, I had several more ideas for hat designs.  I hope to be able to compete again next year!



We also want to make a special 'Sauce' mention to our runners-up. These entries received many votes and were all grouped together in a strong 'chase pack' behind our leader. We wish we could make all of your hats and thank you for your beautiful entries.



Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Special Sauce Design Contest! 

Voting is now closed - thank you!

Contest Info >>

 Entries Are Currently Closed! 

Grab your brushes, crayons, and scissors, it's time to design the hat of your dreams. Let your ideas flow, be inspired by famous designers, painters, cartoonists, illustrators, photographers, even your surroundings.

Participants of all ages & artistic talents are WELCOME!

How does it work?

1.  Click below to receive our PDF template.  Use any means you wish to design your hat.  Crayons, markers, decoupage, design software... As long as you're not send us copyrighted artwork, it all goes!
2.  Submit your design by mail or email on or before October 17, 2021 (deadline has passed!).

Mail: Sauce, Attn: Special Sauce, PO Box 2026, Bozeman, MT 59771 USA
Email: - Subject: Special Sauce Entry
***Scans preferred, but photos accepted.

3.  We invite you to vote for your favorite hat designs from October 20-24th, 2021.  Voting will take place on our website.  Be sure to join our newsletter or follow us @SauceActive on social media to stay in the contest loop! 

4. The design(s) with the most votes at the end of the voting period will win the contest and be announced the week of October 25th.  The winner(s) will receive one of their hats, and credit to purchase any of the products in our online store - including your hat!  AND Sauce will donate a portion of the sales from your design over the next 10 months to your charity of choice.  Learn more about Sauce for a Cause and how this contest has benefitted charities in the past.


Well what are you waiting for? Discover your inner artist!