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Flying Saucers

At Sauce, our original mission was to create comfortable and appealing winter headwear geared for high-performance.  Over the years we have outfitted Olympic medalists, weekend warriors and young kids just getting their start on skis. With thoughtful design, beautiful patterns and high-tech fabrics we have been here since 2005 to help you brave the cold and embrace the frost mustache in style.  Since the early days, we have spread our product line across all seasons to keep you covered in Sauce year-round.

We love knowing that we have been helping athletes and outdoor enthusiasts of all levels work toward their goals.  We love knowing that our products might - in some small way - be the extra kick you need to get out the door.  Even more exciting is the thought that while wearing our products your enthusiasm for healthy behavior may spread to someone else.  Can a clothing brand claim to have a part in that? We'd like to think so.                          


We are assembling our squadron!  Don't let the 'flying' scare you off.  We are searching for active individuals, small groups or teams ranging from participants to elite level athletes.  Are you a runner who also coaches kids? Are you an athlete training toward international competition? Are you a member of a group that participates in healthy community events? Are you a fitness trainer who encourages healthy behaviors for a living?  No matter the actual speed we travel in our active pursuits the ingredient list below is really what makes a Flying Saucer.

1. SPREAD the Sauce
Our products won't be for everyone, and that's okay.  If you choose to stand with our brand, help us to spread the Sauce.  Believe in what we are doing, the products we make and spread the word!

2. Share your ZEST for physical activity, exercise and a healthy lifestyle
Never underestimate the power you have to influence others.  Encourage a buddy to try again, set a good example by walking when you could drive or schedule a morning running date with friends.  Sometimes that's all it takes to set someone on a new path for life.  

3. COVER the distance 
The only failure in life is not trying.  Participate with a love for the opportunity you have to be out there no matter the outcome!  Work hard to meet your goals.  Compete with perspective and sportsmanship.

4. RELISH life in real-time
Do we hope that you will represent our brand on Social Media? Yes. Do we want you to feel obligated to bring your phone everywhere you go and document 'life' while you forget to live it?  No.  We don't want to be slaves to social media, and don't expect that of our Flying Saucers.  Talk to people.  Represent our brand positively with your actions.  If the opportunity presents itself to share something, do it.  


Meet our 2018/2019 FLYING SAUCERS!


The number of applicants selected to be ambassadors is at Sauce's discretion.  

In exchange for fulfilling our very reasonable ambassador requirements, individuals selected to be Flying Saucers will receive a Flying Saucers team t-shirt & hat, a gift card toward Sauce products as well as a discount for additional purchases.  Ambassadors will be eligible for commissions on referrals.  

Ambassadors will be selected for the 2018/19 season running from November 15 - October 31.