Free shipping to USA with orders $75+, Free shipping to Canada with orders $100+ USD.

Custom Program - Additional Information

Artwork Modification/Creation Charges

We strive to make our custom program budget friendly and as easy as possible for our customers. For that reason, we generally make subtle logo changes or add certain text to your existing logo at no charge (when the original is in an ideal format). If we cannot work with the current format of the logo you have, you will be charged an art fee, billed out at $60/hour. Many logos can be made within an hour, but some complex logos may take up to 3 hours. Once we have seen your logo, we will let you know if any additional art time will be required.


File Formats 101

To ensure the highest quality finished product we require a vector format logo. However, in some cases it is possible for us to work with other formats. Vector formats are denoted by files ending in; .eps (Encapsulated Post Script), .ai (Adobe Illustrator), and in some cases, .PDF (Portable Format Document). If you only have a logo in .png, .jpg, .gif, or .tiff, please send us the version that is the highest resolution. Resolution is related to file size, so the larger the number of bytes, the more likely the file is to be high resolution. Even files under 5-600 kb, may not be high enough resolution. To see the size of the image you can try right-clicking on your file and selecting ‘get info.’


This is an example of a poor resolution logo:


This is an example of a higher resolution logo


Custom Order Shipping Costs for Canadian Customers

In order to provide our Canadian customers with an excellent Sauce experience, we consolidate Canadian orders and ship them together to our freight forwarder in Canmore,  Alberta.  Your order will be delivered hassle-free by Canada post, or Fedex.  Shipping and applicable taxes will be included on your invoice from Sauce.

What will it cost?

Orders $ < 500 = approx. 8-9% of order total
Orders $ 501 – 1000 = approx. 7% of order total
Orders $ 1000 – 1500 = approx. 6% of order total
Orders $ 1500 – and up = 5% of order total or less