Not Jane Fonda’s Spandex

By Katie Thomas

Remember your mom’s Jane Fonda workout records (or VHS tapes, if you’re young)? Remember what Jane Fonda was wearing on those album/tape covers? If not, look it up. I promise it’s entertaining…and it’s never too early to start planning for Halloween.  


I think most of us are thrilled that times have changed with regard to exercise apparel. Au revoir to the leg warmers, belted spandex bodysuits, and leggings that look about as comfortable as a pair of 1985 L’eggs Pantyhose.  I can’t tell you the science for sure behind those fabrics, but I’m just old enough to have had to wear all of them, and I can tell you that the design, construction, and fabrics of modern workout attire sure beat the old.  


When I embrace my inner Jane Fonda and exercise indoors, I wear my Pepper Pants.  


In addition to trail running, I wear these to aerial yoga, normal yoga, Rock That Body (a saucy cardio fitness class), and on the treadmill. Made with fabric milled in the U.S. and lovingly assembled in Bozeman, Montana, these sassy, colorful leggings are cut with a woman’s shape in mind. The material is stretchy and thin enough for comfortably working up a sweat, yet soft and snug. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, exercise of moderate intensity requires moderate clothing insulation to maintain ideal body temperature – for which the Peppers are perfect. The Power Dry® mid-warmth lightweight material wicks sweat from the skin side to the outside, keeping the athlete cool.  


And all science aside, these tights are as comfortable as it gets. They are cozy, pliable, and pretty – what else is there? If there’s a hole in your wardrobe, consider filling it with Pepper Pants.   It’s been great sharing my adventures with you, and I hope I’ve given you an accurate representation of how amazing Sauce’s products are – they truly are for everyone, whether you’re an athlete, fashionista, or just cold and find that wearing a hat is not optional. Happy recreating! Love, Sauce and KT