adjective \ˈsȯ-sē, ˈsa-\

Full Definition of SAUCY
Saucier sauciest
1: served with or having the consistency of sauce
2a : impertinently bold and impudent b : amusingly forward and flippant : irrepressible
3: smart, trim (a saucy little hat)

Growing up in Bozeman, Montana, I never thought about the mountains. They had always been there for me, like my hands or my feet. I assumed everyone lived in a place surrounded by nature and quick access to playing in uncrowded lakes, on trails, on rivers — and breathing clean air all the while. But somewhere between childhood and adulting, I learned that places like southwestern Montana are few and far between.

I may have been a late starter, but now I do my best to be one of outdoor recreating’s best examples: with varying levels of skill, I trail run, bike, downhill ski, cross-country ski, hike, camp, kayak, and march my dog Loxi on Peet’s Hill daily, rain or shine. That’s the thing – sometimes it’s a lot worse than just rain. Our Rocky Mountain climate isn’t always the most comfortable. The inexperienced or faint of heart may be discouraged when what appeared to be a lovely day hike in the sun is ruined by a freezing wind, for example. But as some wise person once said, there is no bad weather – only inappropriate dress.

In my case, I learned the hard way that I should have done a little visor research when I agreed to participate in the Headwaters Relay. This extremely fun but extremely hot running relay takes place in late July in the Gravelly and Tobacco Root Mountains, and unless Mother Nature is on vacation, runners are pretty much out in the UV rays from sunrise to sundown. Worrying about how hot I get when I trail run in summer, I decided immediately that I wouldn’t be bringing or using any sort of hat. Besides, all hats and visors I’d ever seen were thick, heavy material that I knew would make me crazy while running and sweating.

But on day 2, when all the relay teams converged in the river to cool down, I met Shayla – founder of Sauce Headwear and the answer to my activewear prayers! She showed us the visors she and her teammates were wearing (the Flight Visor), and explained that these visors were made for events like

this, and people like me – super lightweight, flexible (ie, shove-able in your pocket), washable, and (important to me) pretty and styley. Needless to say, I bought one as soon as we returned to civilization.